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Trails & Hikes


For your sports day, school- or scouts camp we have lined up a number of popular activities below. Treasure hunts, bamboo building, and crates climbing are also very suitable! Do have a look around our website; you're welcome to send a mail for a non-binding offer. We offer special discounts for scouts groups at St. Walrick Overasselt.

The Storm & Thunder Course
A combination of healthy action, fun, cooperation, brain- and musclework: that's our unique Storm & Thunder Course. The ingredients: ropes bridge building, steep climbing net, team langlauf, crawling net, and a number of team tasks on the way to boost your team spirit.

For adults & children age 9+


Activity time: approx. 1,5 hrs | Min. price € 15,- p.p. for kids, € 17,50 p.p. for adults





Larger Than Life has specialized in workshops in this ancient sport and martial art. First you'll be coached in your archery technique, then a number of rounds follow in which the archers of two teams challenge one another in competition. The best archers of each round place themselves in the Grand Final. Our archery workshop is suitable for adults & children age 7+.

Activity time: approx. 1,5 hrs | Min. price € 10,- p.p. for kids, € 12,50 p.p. for adults



Catapult Building

The medieval times appeal strongly to everyone's imagination. Stout knights, noble ladies, kings, castles, tournaments, battlefields... Before the introduction of gunpowder, huge catapults and trebuchets were used for launching all kinds of projectiles over the castle - and city walls. At Larger Than Life we build catapults with pioneer-poles and ropes (see picture). A trebuchet with a throwing arm is constructed with bamboo sticks and rubber bands.

The weapon is then used to launch tennis balls, which have to be caught in a wicker basket. The team with the highest score of caught balls, wins the battle.


For adults & children age 9+


Activity time: approx. 1 hour | Min. price € 7,50 p.p. for kids, € 10,- p.p. for adults



Team Games for Recreation & Training

On your company's day out, sports day, incentive, meet-and-greet day, school camp, or as part of a training: Larger Than Life offers more than 40 different team games. To intensify professional relations, focus on a certain issue in a training, or just for having fun: we always come up with something new. Try us out and learn to know another side of your colleagues, friends, team- or classmates!

For adults & children age 9+


Activity time: variable | Min. price € 10,- p.p. for kids, € 12,50 p.p. for adults



Six- & Tenfold Team Course for Kids

For your children's party, street party, sports day, scouts- or school camp, you can contact us for a sixfold or tenfold team course. The team course is suitable for kids age 6+ and focuses on playful learning, cooperation and communication. Of course, fun and adventure are included! Sixfold- and tenfold team courses are composed in consultation from various relay races, blindfold games, ball games, quiz-running games and cooperation tasks.

For children age 6+


Activity time: approx. 1,5 hrs | Min. price € 10,- p.p. for kids



Rental: Materials for Schools & Scouts Activities

Various materials for team tasks are for rent at Larger Than Life. Bamboo sticks, rubber bands, pioneering materials, ropes, crates and wooden beams for team games: in consultation we can provide a package according to your wishes, including task forms for your team(s), an instruction form for the leader or teacher, and all this delivered at your location. This service is especially meant for schools, scoutings, clubs and other children- and youth groups.

Dayprice: min. price € 50,-  |  2 Days: min. price € 75,-

Prices for schools and scouts are inclusive 21% VAT & exclusive transport costs. Attention: schools and other non-profit organizations are usually considered as 0% VAT groups. Representatives should confirm this with their administration department.





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Learning to make knots for building a sturdy raft is an educational and satisfactory activity

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