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Advice & Support, First Aid, Moving Service








Trails & Hikes


Outdoor Instructor for hire!

You have planned an outdoor event and you're short of an instructor? Do you need a specialist in climbing, paragliding, archery, teambuilding, acrobatics, music or theatre? Then your search is over.

Hiring fees are exclusive transport costs & 21% VAT.

Education & Advice

Which is originally meant for outdoor-instructors and other professionals may also be of interest to people who just love to be active outside. Larger Than Life offers outdoor education and training in climbing instruction, archery instructione, mountainbike instruction, team training and organization, group activity guidance and didactics.

Furthermore, we can expend your repertoire of team- and cooperation tasks, polish your knowledge of knots, and answer questions on most areas of outdoor sports events.



First Aid Service on Events

Whether you organize a party for a hundred or a thousand people, you can contact us for a dependable first aid service.

Our people have had a decent first aid training, and are familiar with various situations: techno parties down to a relatively quiet day out playing traditional games with the family. We can also arrange first aid materials and emergency vehicles for your event.

This service is entirely up for consultation: please feel free to contact us.



Students' Moving Service in Nijmegen

Planning to move to another room within the area of Nijmegen? Of course you can hire a trailer, but then you'll still need a car with a tow hook.


Our Larger Than Life-van offers the perfect solution!

The driver, Steve, helps you carrying your stuff and packing the van. It has a tow hook, so it's possible to hook up a trailer, but usually the van's large enough for the contents of a student's room.


You pay for half a day (max. 4 hours) 50,- and you get:

- a van offering over 2,5 m3 space;

- a driver who helps you moving your stuff;

- if necessary: use of the tow hook;

- if necessary: one extra ride is included in the price.*)


* As long as the ride is withing the area of Nijmegen, and within the 4 hours time limit. Outside these borders:

- transport costs outside the area of Nijmegen are € 0,40 per kilometer;

- the hiring fee after 4 hours of moving work is € 20,- per hour.


Call for consultation about date, availability & details:  06-25058247





spotlight photo:

Steve is owner, trainer, chief instructor, & home musician at  LTL

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map- & compass tours,

elven trail, pirates trail

Climbing & Repelling




wall- & crates climbing,

toggle- & ropescourses

Building & Rafting




building with bamboo sticks, pioneering & raftbuilding

Archery & Catapults




archery & crossbow workshops, catapult-

& trebuchet building





exclusive teamgames for trainings & recreation

Sports & Camps




activities & programs for school & scouts groups

Street- & Kids Parties




teamgames, treasure hunts,

workshops & entertainment





complete all-in activity programs & catering

on any location





paragliding courses in the German Black Forest &  French Vosges mountains

Music, Acrobatics, Theatre





live music at your campfire,

acro- & theatre workshops,  props- & decordesign

Rental Services





instructors, game materials, mountainbikes, TV & PA

Other Services





advice & support, first

aid & moving service



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