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Climbing & Repelling, Toggle- & Ropescourses








Trails & Hikes


Crates Climbing

Every participant builds a tall tower of crates, aided by their fellow team members, whilst standing with their feet in the top crate. As soon as the maximum height of 20 crates is reached, the climber stands on top of the tower. As the tower gets higher, it becomes more and more unstable... The climber is of course safely belayed by an experienced instructor of Larger Than Life.

For adults & children age 7+

Activity time: starting from 1,5 hrs. | Min. price € 10,- p.p. for kids, € 12,50 p.p. for adults



Repelling or Toggles from trees, buildings & structures

From buildings, trees, bridges and constructions it is often possible to repel down in a spectacular but completely safe way, or to woosh down by toggle course. On a suitable location a Larger Than Life instructor installs a repelling point or toggle course, after checking the situation on a number of safety aspects. Then your participants can slide or repel down under the expert eye of the instructor. We can give you non-binding advice about the possibilities on your location.



Stunts & Specials: high level work & promotion

Larger Than Life offers events and so-called stunts on great height, as a promotion of your company, as an exam prank or spectacular festivity item. For example, two climbers can repel down from a window, roof or balcony to unfold a banner with an advertisement slogan and your logo. We work according to industrial climbing standards, with certified materials and thoroughly educated climbers.

You can let your colleagues, employers or students repel down from balcony, office or classroom. Mail us your wishes and we'll drop you a line.


Activity time: starting from half a day. Prices in consultation.



Giant Climbing Net

Children will literally climb to the top on our giant vertical climbing net. Safely belayed by dynamic rope, kids can run up a tree as far as we're concerned. The climbing net (six meters in height) is also very well suitable for older kids, and it can be hung in a gym hall as well as from a couple of trees or a bridge.

For adults & children age 7+

Activity time: starting from 1,5 hrs. | Min. price € 10,- p.p. for kids, € 12,50 p.p. for adults



Mobile Climbing: "Skywalk Tower"

The Larger Than Life mobile "Skywalk Tower" is a multi purpose construction that stands raised on your square or field of grass within an hour.


This 9 meter high tower can be used for repelling, crates climbing, ropes ladder climbing, and for installing a toggle course on flat locations. From the top, you can put up your banner for promotion!


Activity time: starting from half a day. Prices in consultation.



Ropes Course Design

Design, construction and maintenance of ropes courses for group accommodations, camping sites or other organizations. A number of fat, healthy trees are all we need to construct various safe, tree-friendly and challengeing ropes courses.

You can choose from 20 different ladder-, bridge- and descending constructions, on which your participants van be belayed by life-lines, from the groud (top-rope), or from a tree. If you choose life-lines, you can opt for a variety that makes continuous belaying by steel cable possible (without clicking past obstacles).

It is of course also possible to test and certify Larger Than Life ropes courses by an independent bureau. For that, we can recommend one of our partner companies.



Climbing Courses

Climbing is our specialty. We offer courses in a number of disciplines, like top-rope climbing, rock climbing, lead climbing, industrial climbing and ropes course building. Over 20 years of experience and a background in Dutch and international climbing education stand for safety, expertise and climbing fun. An overview of disciplines within our field of expertise:


Wall climbing (top-rope)

Crate climbing

Tree climbing

Rock climbing (top-rope)
Lead climbing & repelling

Use of knots & pulley techniques
Industrial climbing & - repelling

Ropes courses & - bridges building
Toggle courses, giant pendants, tir-au-liennes
Via Ferrata - & lifeline-techniques


Click on the button below for information and/or a non-binding offer.

Workshop: Use of Various Special Knots

Feeling tied up? Always pulling the short end? Can't tie any rope to the matter? No worries mate. It's time for one of our Use of Various Special Knots courses! We are familiar with a great number of practical knots for all kinds of purposes, and this workshop of ours is - besides educational - simply good fun. For children and adults it's definitely a success as a chill-out moment in an active outdoor programme, and it's also very well suitable as a campfire activity!




spotlight photo:

Crate climbing on a city event in the centre of Tilburg

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