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Workshop: Acrobatics

You must have seen an acrobatics show before at Cirque du Soleil or the Chinese National Circus: impressive tricks of balance that seem almost impossible. Of course these people have had to learn their art from the beginning... Our acrobatics workshop will tune in to the level of your group. We start off with basic tricks and build up from there. Acrobatics brings people together and improves cooperation, trust and effective communication.

For adults & children age 9+ | 8 - 16 participants per workshop

Workshop time: approx. 1,5 hrs | Min. price € 12,50 p.p. for kids & € 17,50 p.p. for adults

Extra option: acrobatics-demo: approx. 15 min. (€ 5,- p.p. extra)


Workshop: Improvisational Theatre

Under the expert eye of a theatre director you'll playfully discover your improvisational and acting techniques. During this workshop short improvisational scetches will be played out, in which everyone can express their theatrical creativity. A fun and unique workshop that brings out the unexpected in you and your fellow actors!

For adults & children age 9+ | 8 - 16 participants per workshop

Workshop time: approx. 1,5 hrs | Min. price € 12,50 p.p. for kids & € 17,50 p.p. for adults



Theatre- or Acrobatics Workshop for Kids

This workshop improvisational theatre is meant for kids age 9+. Children playfully practice improvisation, expression and acting techniques before an audience of fellow actors.


In our acrobatics workshop children build up trust in themselves and their friends. We start off with a number of tricks in which they learn to play with balance and control, and in which they learn to effectively catch and support each other so new tricks will quickly improve. In this workshop we can work towards a short acrobatics performance show.


For children age 9+

Workshop time: approx. 1,5 hrs | 8 - 16 children | Min. price € 12,50 p.p.



Circus Workshop for Kids

Definitely most excellent for children age 6 - 12: our great Circus Workshop, provided by improvisation- and circus artist Inge Kolen. The workshop offers a large number of circus elements: juggling, balance acts, diabolo, devil's sticks, ring throwing, hoop twisting and acrobatics! A marvelous workshop in which children work on their own mini circus performance show.


For children age 9-12

Workshop time: approx. 1,5 hrs | 8 - 16 children | Min. price € 17,50 p.p.



Animation & Mystery

We love acting... For a theatrical twist to your event, a medieval sidekick or a little visit to Middle-earth you can summon a stage character - fresh from the time machine. Character, performance time and price in consultation. Send us a mail!


Live Campfire Music

To complete your campfire atmosphere, we offer you a live performance by rock guitarist & singer Steve Merlin. Warm up your camp fellows to sing along loudly! Songs from a large collection of sheet music can be extended with your special request by mail.

For adults & children of all ages


Gig time: min. 1 hour (possible end time: the wee wee small hours) | Min. price € 125,- per gig


Campfire Party

At Larger Than Life you literally get more out of a simple campfire: home-made rolls, puffed potatoes, roasted fish, from a primitive to luxurious barbecue or simply yummy: marshmallows. We provide the campfire and utensils; roast it yourself, eat it yourself!

For adults & children of all ages

Activity time: 1-2 hrs | Min. price € 10,- p.p. for kids & € 12,50 p.p. for adults


Steve Merlin: Guitar Lessons

Are you looking for a guitar teacher who can be interactive, flexible, practical and whose teaching isn't limited to 45 min. lessons? Our home musician Steve Merlin offers private guitar lessons from level "zero" up to buildup-lessons for experienced guitar players. You can profit from over 20 years of teaching experience and personally developed "top-down" methods based on chords, tabs and alternative music notation, in which you learn to trust your ears while exploring or writing songs. Lessons can be tought individually or with two students at a time, at our place or at home.

For adults & children age 9+

Lesson time: approx. 1,5 hrs (in consultation) | Min. price € 20,- per lesson





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